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Get real estate prices in Switzerland and take a look at the trends that characterize them in 2017 and 2018. Let us explain some of the reasons why real estate across Switzerland is a smart investment in 2018 and beyond! Let us take a closer look at the trend that is shaping Real Estate Switzerland for 2017 - 2018!

Geneva is home to one of the world's leading private wealth management centres, and people are looking for the best real estate in the city of Geneva, Switzerland, with its rich history and cultural heritage. The high quality of life in Geneva and its proximity to major cities make it the perfect place to buy a luxury home.

The balance sheet for Swiss investors remains strong, which means that new properties in Switzerland are the best choice when it comes to investing in real estate. Single-family houses, single-family houses and log cabins - there are apartment blocks throughout Switzerland.

Properties in Geneva and around Lake Zurich are at the top end of the scale, while properties in rural areas are becoming significantly cheaper. The canton offers beautiful luxury properties with lots of privacy, such as the Chateau de la Bain - Bains, which is an hour and a half drive from Geneva and can be reached by ferry to Lausanne and Geneva. There is Carouge, known as "Little Italy of Geneva," and Satigny , which is the best wine-growing region in Switzerland.

The housing laws in Switzerland are incredibly pro-tenant, so it's not surprising that 61% of households are tenants. There is little risk in investing in property, which means that properties can be sold or rented out - to owners who move into and out of their homes as quickly as possible. Landlords can terminate tenancy agreements at any time as long as Swiss law is per tenant and there are no laws against tenants.

The average rent in Switzerland varies, but the median rent per square metre is around CHF 2,000 ($3,500) for a two-bedroom house in Geneva.

According to a survey by Crowdhouse, more than 60% of the Swiss population live in flats, and properties in Switzerland are listed by the number of living spaces, i.e. bedrooms and living rooms. If you want to know how much your rent is for Switzerland, here is a look at the average rental price for each apartment. The price is quite high, but if you take into account the relative cost of living in Geneva, the price seems to be a better value.

If you rent a house in Switzerland, you can rent it as an individual or you can look for a serious one through a broker. Visit the real estate agency and ask the residents who are interviewed on the day of printing the property list.

When negotiating your salary in Switzerland, it is best to look at the average cost of living in a given canton. Expats moving to Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne or Basel should expect to pay more and take longer to find a place. In some cases, the search may take a month or two longer if you are in Geneva or Zurich.

Recent data show that the price of a flat in the city centre in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, Basel, Geneva and Geneva - St. Gallen is above the average cost of living in the other cantons of Switzerland. The index shows that over the past five years, prices have increased by an average of 4.5% per year. As of December 2020, the median price for a one-bedroom apartment on Main Street is $1,845,000.

While real estate prices are high in Switzerland, demand for rental properties is also strong in Geneva. It is located in the heart of the city centre with a population of over 1.5 million and has also seen a rise in rental prices over the past five years.

One way to enter the Swiss market, however, is to buy in France, which is close to Geneva. If French people living in Geneva are considering moving to France, they must obtain a permit to live in France. The difficulty for investors is that this is notoriously difficult and makes buying and renting in the centre of Geneva practically impossible.

If you have a Swiss B permit and only live in Switzerland, you can purchase property in Geneva. You can also buy land and build your own property in Switzerland, although you need a permit.

Depending on the background, the possibilities are limited and Switzerland has strict restrictions on foreigners buying real estate. For foreigners, the biggest obstacle will be the fact that you need a Swiss bank account to sign your Swiss lease and the lease to open a Swiss bank account. To buy a home in Switzerland, you must meet financial requirements, as Swiss banks have strict affordability rules for mortgage applicants. If you live in Geneva, not only for the price of your accommodation, but also for your rent, you need a really thick wallet.

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